Acupuncture Las Vegas
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We provide effective, compassionate, medical care for patients who are in pain or are suffering from a medical condition. Read below to see the frequently asked questions about acupuncture, and how we will work with you to resolve them.

How much does it cost?

 One Treatment (Assessment, Acupuncture Treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult): $90


Three treatments package (Assessment,Acupuncture Treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult) – must be done within 28 calendar days - $180  (It is more effective this way.)

Moxibustion  (This is necessary to use with the acupuncture to effectively treat many chronic conditions)  + $10 per session

Chinese Herbal consultation only : Initial visit - $50 

Follow up Chinese herbal consultation only - $40

Consultation with no treatment - $50

Is acupuncture treatment painful?

When most people think of needles, they think of the large hypodermic needles used when the doctor gives you a shot. Acupuncture needles are much smaller- about the width of a human hair. Because of their smaller size, they are relatively painless upon insertion.

Acupuncture treatment should never be painful. It is my job to make sure you stay comfortable throughout the treatment. Many patients will relax and fall asleep on the table after the needles have been inserted.


“I am concerned about the safety of acupuncture and the use of needles.”

Acupuncture needles are used only onetime and then disposed of as medical waste. This prevents the risk of infection.


“I do not know if I can afford this.”

Medical care has gotten to be ridiculously expensive. (Just think of your insurance premiums). This is why I instituted the $35 follow up treatments. No one should have to suffer from pain or a poor quality of life because medicine has gotten too expensive.


“I am concerned I will be sold a long term care package when I really do not need it?”

There are no long term care packages sold here. You pay on a treatment by treatment basis.


“I am very busy and do not have time.”

Most people are very busy these days. The question to ask is, “If I let this problem continue and it gets worse, how will this impact my life and what I need to accomplish every day.” A minor problem takes less time and money to fix than a major one.


Other priorities are more important. 

      Imagine your car breaks down. The mechanic tells you it will take $800 to fix your car. You will probably be upset and grumble but you will eventually spend the time and money to get the car fixed because you decide that you need the car to be working. What about your body? If the car breaks down to where it is no longer usable, you can buy another car. However, if your body breaks down,you can not buy a new one. How many people live with pain or a poor quality of life for the rest of their lives because they did not take care of their body when they had the chance – before it got past the point of no return. Will you be wiser? Your happiness and quality of life are directly correlated with your level of health.

Why is Dr. Kyo Mitchell OMD Different?

Having taught at one of the top universities for acupuncture and oriental medicine in the US for over a decade, Dr. Mitchell was afforded the chance to study medicine and its efficacy in depth. Where acupuncture and oriental medicine can effectively treat many medical problems, the philosophy and approach it uses is hundreds to thousands of years old. This is advantageous because it uses the experience of previous doctors from the past two millennia who have practiced this medicine. However, a disadvantage surfaces because many acupuncture students and practitioners neglect to study the current medical research in conventional medicine that helps progress medical sciences forward. This poses a problem since many current medical problems are not described in the ancient Chinese medical texts and the only way to understand them in depth is to study the current medical research.

Having taught at university for over a decade allowed me the opportunity to understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the education given to practitioners of acupuncture and oriental medicine in the United States. To most effectively treat my patients, I review the current scientific studies as well as the ancient Chinese texts to ensure each of my patients receives the highest and most effective medical care.

Will acupuncture really work for MY pain and medical issues?

Acupuncture and oriental medicine have 2000 years of experience effectively treating medical problems first in China and Asia and now throughout the world. Today, acupuncture is considered an effective and viable treatment option, continues to grow in all corners of the globe and can effectively treat pain and most medical conditions including chronic medical conditions. Acupuncture is responsible for providing patients with significantly better health and a higher quality of life.

Acupuncture can be effective when conventional medicine has not because it approaches the body, mind, heart and spirit as interdependent aspects of a person, each of which contribute to how effectively you heal. This holistic approach is the most efficient and thorough means of healing and creating optimal health and well-being.

Acupuncture has been used to effectively treat pain as well as respiratory problems, digestive problems, arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological problems, etc.

What is the level of training and experience of the person who will be treating me?

Dr. Mitchell does all of the evaluations and treatments personally. While many doctors of oriental medicine/ and acupuncturists in the state of Nevada have master's degrees and 3 - 4 years of training, Dr. Mitchell has a doctoral degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine. This includes 6 years of medical training plus a 2 year medical residency.

Dr. Mitchell taught in Bastyr University's School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the state of Washington for over ten years as part of its core didactic and clinical faculty and was the first clinic director at Wongu University in Las Vegas.

He has been to the Shanghai University of traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine in China eight times for additional medical training. See "Acupuncture Las Vegas - About Dr. Mitchell" for more details.